In the patterns lay the synchrony which verified my hunch, to a degree. This is something TOTALLY unreasonable.

  • I was born Feb19 '82, then she was born Aug24 '82. That is 6:6 later.
  • My son is 15, his sister is 18.
  • Her son is 15, and her daughter is 18.

That is the correlation of three persons. A trinity, if you will. I trust in God that there is a purpose, by which our correlation in intentional. I have felt this for just 12 months, but for the full two years I have felt a purposeful intentionality in our resonance.

I love you guys. Not just my son, but also his sister.

I have faith in the resonance...
do you even understand the resonance,
the corollary with which we are connected

If you're just some derp go ahead utilize your low-digit-span conscience,



Anonymous (not verified), Tue, 06/18/2024 - 19:21
your obsessed with the nuber 666,

Go read your Bible. You seem possessed. So she is your lover with children. A pattern in numbers is showing you are with the devil.