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ON: July 06, 2022 at 0534EST
    Our Marriage, Our Sacrament of Holy Matrimony, Our Conjugal Union
    (Part 2 of 5)
FR: Mr Isaac Bon Hillier
TO: Det Sgt Anne-Marie Bishop, Ms Maritza Elizabeth Orozco
CC: Mr Isaac Bon Hillier
FW: Ms Kelly Anne Wolfe 


  • CC: Det Sgt Anne-Marie Bishop, OIC Cold Case Sex Crimes Investigative Section 

    Maritza, mi corazon,

    I was reading, today, a study from Journal of Family Communication entitled "It’s in Our Nature as Daughters to Protect Our Familias... You Know?" by Nivea Castaneda (2021) which I am attaching hereto.

    This study uses communication privacy management theory to offer an examination of the rule criteria that Latina survivors of child sexual abuse (CSA) utilize to manage disclosure and privacy. Seven Latina women told their stories of CSA through the Indigenous methodology of testimonioTheir stories grant insight into the matrix of domination and underlying power structures within Latinx culture that impact their CSA disclosure. Latinas’ testimonios demonstrate the centering of the family when choosing to reveal and/or conceal their instances of CSA. Specifically, the study’s results indicate that in order to protect markers of identity and to avoid feeling familial shame, survivors choose to keep silent. Moreover, findings indicate that certain patriarchal principles encourage Latinas to uphold particular gender roles such as docility and purity which also impacts disclosure.

    The US statistics for CSA are 1/3 girls (33%), and 1/10 (10%) boys being victims of CSA (U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, 2010) which is grossly outweighed by the statistics for Latina's in reporting instances of CSA, as they came in at a significantly higher 54% rate of CSA amongst Latinas. That's a 64% differential. That is somewhat alarming, and the above study may offer some hints as to why the epidemic of Latina CSA victims. Whenever I have tried to broach the subject, you have either declared "how dare you say it was my fault" or "my father's family will kill us if I report the CSA". You have your brother convinced that if you report your father for his crimes, you will commit suicide. And so, he has declared to me that "if she says nothing happened, then nothing happened". This just goes to further allow the epidemic of CSA to continue unabated.

    I have never blamed you, albeit I have rather tactlessly bemoaned the fact that you treat me worse than a rapist, for which I have no foundation, as it was mostly a knee-jerk reaction that I felt you were disinterested in sexual relations with myself because of your previous non-consensual sexual relations with Mr Fausto Enrique Orozco, on at least one confirmed incident in '87 and/or '88. I love you, and upon reading the above-mentioned study, I think I might get an idea of where you're coming from. I see that you deliberately left your ring at home when you walked out this time, so I am somewhat trepidatious about your intent to return.

    I am sorry that I am impatient with your apparent unwillingness to go after Fausto for his crimes, and I think that after reading this study, I'm a bit more prepared to understand the inherent shame you feel, and your expectation that I will look at you as "damaged goods," which has an entirely different connotation in your culture. When I have said that once or twice, it was meant only to convey my dissatisfaction with the fact that you have certain unresolved interpersonal issues. I love you, and I think.. no, I know that you are the strongest woman I have ever met. Strong, yet gentle. I know that you say "I'm over it," but the thing is that if this epidemic is not stamped out, there will be many more victims, some not as strong as you, who will fall through the cracks and lose themselves to the "wolves" which is something you've accused me of doing. I love you more than life itself, and feel especially now that mum is gone, tht it is my duty to protect you. Even if it's from your own impulsive decisions.

    You are familiar with your county's concept of machismo, I understand. How can you expect for me to stand by, as my wife's rapist father parades around, free of the consequences of his sordid deeds which he committed against my wife when she was 14 in '87/'88? This is an epidemic, particularly in the Latina community, which we must stamp out. Your self-preservation pattern is not serving to protect future victims from the same sort of CSA, and I really don't think that you wuld want that, as the woman I know is strong, and selfless, a true Catholic follower of Jesus. I'm not saying that we must strike down Fausto Enrique Orozco (DOB 1939-Jan-16 Tel: 647-868-8744) only out of some desire to hold accountable he who sexually abused my wife as a child, but to let it serve as a deterrent to future predation. This is what will happen if you devour the youngest, the weakest, the fairest of us.

    Fausto should spend the rest of his days rotting in jail or, if he resists arrest, likely sustain a fatal injury that will send a CLEAR message that child predators are NOT safe, and they are NEVER out of season. I have Cc'd Det Sgt Anne-Marie Bishop because I believe that it is in the public interest to hold this rapist and pedophile to account for his actions. You related to me the circumstances of his raping you, and given that it clearly meets the legislative definition of Statutory Rape and has no Limitation Period courtesy of, on March 9, 2016Bill 132 Sexual Violence and Harassment Action Plan Act (Supporting Survivors and Challenging Sexual Violence and Harassment) 2015 receiving Royal Assent. (see Ontario Trial Lawyers Association Blog) and I know, from your frequent departure whenever I question whether the prior abuse is impeding our sex life, that you are most definitely NOT "over it" so I'm doing what I can to take him to task.

    At my next JPT I will subpoena him to provide testimony of his predilection of abusing his family (especially your mother) but I will not directly question him about whether he coerced your consent to sexual intercourse by threats of continued or escalating physical violence against your mother, your brother, or yourself. Te amo, mi corazon. I love you.

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