Mr HILLIER to Mr & Ms OROZCO re 'Consequences of Ex Parte Headshots Pt 2'


Dear Mr & Ms Orozco,

I requested that you please deal with the alleged rape which you suffered from Mr Fausto Enrique Orozco at some point in 1987, after which you allegedly left your father in order to do something other than reporting the Offence to Law Enforcement.  I would have preferred the minutia if you were to reasonably deal with the situation by protecting both your history, and the character of my son’s father.

However your choice has been to protect your own history, and the father responsible for your childhood rape when you were allegedly 14-years-of-age, in 1987 and again, supposedly only on a single occurrence. As an Orozco, you are established to protect the character and reputation of Mr Orozco until death, and to dissuade or otherwise prevent any real men from protecting children such as his own from sustaining the equivalent criminal acts in the future, by a death by a thousand cuts approach.

In order to prevent future occurrence of such acts, recognizing and destroying the committal of these vicious criminal acts such as the rape of  a 14-yr-old-girl by their 48-yr-old-father, we need to recognize past occurrence in order to prevent and dissuade future occurrence of similarity. I’m aghast that you equivocate my son’s mother as being so similar to your father that you want her to remain away from us, generally speaking.

So you would prefer my son and his sister to be taught by men of your culture, like Mr Leonidas David Orozco and Mr Fausto Enrique Orozco. Why, because you judge his mother to the degree that she is worse than your father, and even worse than your mother?

Really Maritza? Why do you protect the state of childhood from knowing and truly understanding that if any man rapes a child, there will be one less man living free in our community. By preventing for such required learning from these traumatic experiences, you are essentially saying that nothing was heard, so nothing happened.

Are you serious? In 2022 you threw me in jail for several months, or 69 days from October 6th, 2022 thru December 13th, 2022 under false charges for my stating that your father was punishable by certain provisions of the law, and during this time my wedding band was stolen by one of the guards. So in essence, you regard and act towards me like I am worse than your loving Father, Fr Fausto Enrique Orozco who was born January 16, 1939.

I told you not to go this way, my dear.  What’s more, you try to punish me for my attempting to protect a friend whose children are not dissimilar from mine own? Why did this happen?  Do you not understand math, or do you just not value my seed because I’m not man enough for you.. not man enough to replace the real man you respect and protect. You treat this like my son’s mother is worse than your father? Think about that, and enjoy your time during the Mass of Pentecost Sunday.

Right? Honestly yours,
Isaac, Chief Technical Officer
Independent Ontario Advocacy Group
Internet Security, Operations and Intelligence
    Cel:        +1 437-553-2224