Ma'am Victoria Heaney off #4152

Fourth year Criminology and Justice student, Ms Victoria Heaney, recently completed her Practicum at Durham Regional Police Services (DRPS) where she gained hands-on experience in her prospective career field and was able to secure a part-time position with DRPS! Congratulations, Ms Heaney!
Victoria also established some lifelong connections that will prove invaluable.


Ontario Tech University students have the advantage of gaining experience and making lasting connections in their field of study because of the experiential learning opportunities available to them.

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DRPS welcomed 15 new recruits to the organization at a graduation ceremony on Tuesday, May 14th in Ajax.

The graduation included the Pipes and Drums, DRPS choir and the families and friends of the recruits who were there to show their support. The recruits recited their Declaration of Membership after being greeted by Chief Moreira, who also presented each recruit with their badge.

Chief Moreira addressed the recruits as they embark on their careers as police officers reminding them to...

  • “Always demonstrate compassion. In the face of adversity and challenging situations, never forget the power of compassion.
    A kind word or gesture can make a significant difference in someone’s life.”

Class valedictorian Cst. Victoria Heaney spoke on behalf of the graduating class and thanked her fellow classmates for their support and encouragement during their training.

  • “Each of you have made this journey one we will remember forever. We have become a family, and I am grateful to be able to call you all my brothers and sisters.” 

The recipient of the Allan D Christiansen Memorial Award as voted by the recruit class. was Cst Brandon Bruno. This award honours Cst. Bruno for his positive attitude in life and training, exceptional leadership qualities, dedication to a high level of personal fitness and commitment to volunteering.

The officers will join platoons across Durham Region and receive training from coach officers for the next three months.
Welcome to our newest recruits and congratulations!