Courtney's Pfizer Testimonial

March 16th I was struggling with chronic pain from my waist down. My legs ache constantly and feel very weak. I am dizzy, lightheaded, and get overstimulated very easily, this leads to me feeling tired very easily, but unable to sleep because of insomnia, and leg pain. I feel lots of pressure in my head and my vision is still quite blurry. I’m having neurological problems such as focusing, slow to understand, feeling like I’m having brain zaps, tingling, and numbness in my legs, etc.

Things to be thankful for: My swelling is gone and continues to stay down; I do not need any assistance walking anymore.

My first pfizer shot was December 28th. Immediately after I struggled with a migraine-like headache for nearly 5 weeks leaving me to get blood work done where my blood count was a bit off. (it has been since the shot) The last few months I’ve struggled with fatigue, I assumed it was just because all my activity was catching up to me and despite being tired I went anyways.

I got my Pfizer dose 2 in January on the 22nd. immediately felt dizzy lightheaded and just generally "off". I got sent home from work and the next day was feeling better. I then started struggling with my memory, confusion and a delirium spell in February which left me completely confused, lost, disorientated where I was. I have also been struggling with some muscle weakness and joint pain. Since then I’ve been getting a few unusual symptoms.

I woke up and my only symptom was an itchy scalp. That’s it. I got my mom to look through my hair and she found nothing, other than a very irritated-looking scalp. The hives’ rash spread throughout the morning to other parts of my body mainly gathering on my joints. The rash rapidly spread all over my body and was extremely swollen and itchy. I went to the clinic and called into work as I tried to get some of the swellings down. Had an appointment got some meds and sent me on my way. The next day, I woke up expecting it to be better and eager to go back to work, the same thing happened but even worse the next day leaving me up at the ER for the first time. Again, they didn’t have many answers and kept me for a few hours, gave me an injection, and sent me home.

The next day, I slept basically the whole day and my symptoms were only getting worse, the determining factor was now my face and neck were swelling and we didn’t feel it was safe to not get it looked out. So back to emergency where they admitted me, got me a bed, and started running tests asap. My condition was changing so rapidly, they had never seen anything like it. I would develop a small lump on my forehead and I would fall asleep and wake up to it rapidly spreading half of my forehead, my entire scalp, behind the back of the head, and my neck, to the point it became hard to breathe. There were many nights the first few stays when we would have scares, blood counts being off but not being able to figure out why, my condition slowly getting worse and losing more ability to be mobile, blood pressure rapidly changing throughout the night, from a walker to a wheelchair in 3 days, and then developed these tremors once the head excruciating head swelling got under control. This is just a just of what happened- I hope it never happens again. My goodness.

thankfully now I am doing better and feeling stronger and healthier, but am still having symptoms which will likely be around forever. I was diagnosed with peripheral neuropathy which will stay the same or get worse over time. (due to toxins in my body)

Here are some pictures of the process…