Mr HILLIER TO Ms OROZCO re Consequences & Discernment

My beloved Mar,

I'm including Ms Kelly Anne Farkas in this distribution in the hops the she will become a part of the "support net" your brother Mr Leonidas David Orozco said you would require if I went after Mr Fausto Enrique Orozco (now Fausto Enrique Orozco Venegas) via the present Assault and Forcible Confinement charges laid against me stemming from the event of Dec12 '21 at our domicile which occurred consequent to my questioning whether your interactions with Mr Fausto Enrique Orozco (now Fausto Enrique Orozco Venegas) had left you unable to enjoy coitus but with simulation of forcible penetration.

I confirmed with Juliet at a Scarborough Shelter for Abused Women, you have been staying at their 722 Kennedy Rd location, but you refuse to acknowledge or speak to your husband.  That is acceptable, so long as you are safe, especially given your prior utterance "I don't feel safe with you, Chad".

To briefly recap, you left me most recently on Monday, May 2nd and took the 1802H train from Sherbourne Stn to Kennedy Stn. This was a long fuckin' trip, so you arrived at the 722 Kennedy Road location at approximately 1850H. From my brief conversation with Juliet (one of the front-line workers at that location) you are well thought of by the staff.

And before you go accusing him, your brother Leonidas did not inform me where you were presently domiciled, but my records and authentic communication with staff informed me that you are at that location, and well thought of by the staff. That is comforting, knowing that you are safe and not trying to sleep at an Airport with your brother Leonidas, after which you developed a "moderate" respiratory tract infection which precluded our entertainment of conjugal coital relations for some time.

Leonidas was in fact so obnoxious so as to cause me to file three (3) Missing Persons reports about my missing wife, because he claimed that he had no clue as to where you were sleeping. That was highly discomforting, that my wife's brother wouldn't even care that she had a safe place to sleep.

I blamed, and still do blame, Leonidas for his having jeopardized your health by dragging you after him when I kicked him out of our cramped 1-bdrm apartment in which he overstayed his welcome by remaining a perverse fixture preventing our conjugal coital relations from October 29th thru November 27th, or 29-days. This was after your almost 2-month absence helping your "brother" settle the affairs of your decedent mother. Mum died on July 5th, 2021.

You followed him like a lost little puppy dog for three days, claiming to be fearful that I had forcibly ejected your strong familial male Mr Orozco, would do other "forcible" acts, and acting as his consort until he was safely ensconced in the apartment he had taken a whole month to locate. You returned to our home on the evening of Nov30, and your presence was confirmed by PC Strazella (TPS #11962) on Dec01. Only then did you return to your marital home to be with your husband.

Now, Mr Leonidas David Orozco is mandating that any communication I have with my wife be via her "brother" Mr Leonidas David Orozco. Both his and your expectations are heavily painted with the prior actions of Mr Fausto Enrique Orozco (now Fausto Enrique Orozco Venegas), the spouse of your mother. Your mother had a restraining order against the respectful Fr Fausto, as he was reportedly physically violent, and actually sexually violent in a manner represented under the Canada Criminal Code as "Statutory Rape."

Now see, I am your husband, and it is my duty conferred by the Sacrament of Holy Matrimony (Ed. Church Marriage), to protect and defend you from all aggressors, foreign AND domestic. When Fr Fausto accosted us inside and pursued us outside of Church on 2011-11-06 at approx. 1215H. You took of down Gerrard St like a spooked deer, and I had a split second to choose to continue escorting you, or confront the aggressor. I chose to see to the immediate safety of my wife, much to my regret now, rather than confronting the threat. If I had a do over, I would have ensured that he made forcible contact with the raised curb -repeatedly, preferably until there were no teeth remaining in his jaw, or he involuntarily released urine into his pants. Such an offensive would have been justified on that date, but now I am forced to utilize the slow and tedious wheels of justice to deboner Fr Fausto Enrique Orozco into a fine paste.

As a result of this incident, and the fact that you ran away from him, but proceeded directly past and away from me, that incident is seared into my brain as the first real time my wife made me feel like a eunuch or otherwise like a cuckold, for it is readily apparent that the value of your emotional feelings toward Fr Fausto are much greater than your emotional feelings towards myself, your husband.

This circles around to the event on Dec12 '21 during which we were discussing your prior interactions with Mr Fausto Enrique Orozco (or your "Daddy") and their effect on our sexual relations, and from which further stemmed charges against myself of Assault 266 and Forcible Confinement 279 (2). I have enacted the Rape Shield (Publication Ban, Star Chamber, Section 486 protections) which I explicitly informed the court I cold make fully reasonable answer and defence to the charges before the court.

Once I had secured the requisite protections for you, I could begin wargaming out my moves. This initially included only calling Fr Fausto Enrique Orozco to testify to his previous patterns of abuse and extortion contributed to your mindset at the time of the event, during which you may have attributed the definition of "father and abuser" onto the "husband and lover" who was questioning you, hence activating behavioural patterns, codified from the acts and behaviours of your father, Fr Fausto Enrique Orozco.

Thereby, you panicked and called 911, claiming that your husband was preventing you from leaving (even though you were in your underwear, and only an unreasonable man allows his partner to endanger her health and reputation by parading around the building half naked) and that you feared bodily harm (hence the assault code) and could they please send help. I asked you to go get dressed and picked up the phone to give the call taker our street address and unit.

The operator ordered me to put you back on the phone, and I calmly replied that you were getting dressed. I don't think the operator liked being told to sit down and shut up. As this was the 2nd or 3rd time that a mention of Fr Fausto Enrique Orozco had caused you to lose your head, I made special note of how his previous statutorily defined offences had negatively affected our lives.

I was detained from about 2000H-0400H at 51Div, sustained a head injury at 51Div and was transported to Toronto General Hospital where I ran my bail hearing from the hospital bed. I was then released from 51Div at approx. 1600H, after which you sent your consent to the Officer in Charge consenting to my attendance and cohabitation with my wife.

Now that was really fucking annoying, the fact that I had to explicitly request the provision of exemptions to the conditions. The whole deck of cards in the shit-show was loaded against us, and now you appear intent on protecting a pedophile and kiddy therapist, Fr Fausto Enrique Orozco who is now 83 years old, so the window on just earthly desserts is close swiftly.

I have been open with you, my half orange, about the fact that I am only referring to the physically abusive actions of Mr Fausto Enrique Orozco, and not going to pursue the sexually abusive actions unless he opens the door. Knowing this, you walked out on me Monday May 2nd, evidently trying to prevent the criminal acts of Fr Fausto Enrique Orozco from being perceived and subsequently punished to and beyond the fullest extent of the law. Why would you do this?

I have underscored the similarity of being forced to insert a syringe into your body which contains a "nanominal fluid", and a phallus which contains a "seminal fluid", into your body either through the arm, the stomach mouth.. the vagina, or the anus. You have decried the weakness of those who allow themselves to be injected with the "nanominal fluid", yet you see no reason NOT to punish one such as Fr Fausto Enrique Orozco for the forcible injection of his "seminal fluid". I believe you use the term Stockholm Syndrome to describe these kind of people; they that defend their attackers against sequela or the consequences to their actions.

When we were married Mar, you presented as someone who was regretful about the violations imposed upon you by Mr Fausto Enrique Orozco, and sad or dismayed that justice was not served. Recently however, when I have described to you a path of retributive justice which is available, you just keep shutting me down. If not by calling the police, then by walking out on me for a day or two.. But more recently you've taken it to a whole new level, knowing that my JPT is scheduled for Monday you are seemingly intent on having me drop my intended course of action, or you will never return home.

To this I tell you that I married you, a protector (but not a rapist protector), a demonstrator, a fighter and a SURVIVOR, but I most definitely did not marry a VICTIM. By denying me the right to defend you against enemies foreign and domestic, you are once again acting to castrate or otherwise emasculate, your husband. Just like that moment in 2011 when Fr Fausto Enrique Orozco made his first appearance our life, and you IMMEDIATELY demanded that your husband, your protector, flee from Mr Fausto Enrique Orozco the Latino Pedophile and Childhood Therapist whom you protect, respect and fear.

Yo are comfortable in your fear, allowing it to dictate your response patterns to beloved Fr Fausto. My motto is to feel the fear and do it anyway, which requires that one not lose their head and act like a VICTIM. I am a SURVIVOR, and I have survived countless situations which were presumed to end poorly. I felt the fear, but I did not lose my head; therefore, I manage to emerge with one of the best possible outcomes.

I married a survivor, and I did not marry a victim. I don't know you, Mar. I love you, but I cannot stand by as consistently play the victim card and just exit the arena instead of confronting and resisting tyranny where it stands. I married a SURVIVOR, not a chronic VICTIM who seems to hunt out the nearest opportunity to put up no resistance to evil.

I will not coddle you like a 14-yr-old VICTIM, but support you as the 48-yr-old SURVIVOR I know you can be. You comport your attitudes to those of Leonidas your brother, and not Isaac your husband. That is untenable, for I married a strong hearted woman who knew what "feel the fear, and do it anyways" meant. Or so I thought, as it appears you are not who I thought you were.

Goodbye. I'm sorry that you cannot love me as I love you. I'm sorry that the wick to our Conjugal Love candle hath burned dry. I will always remember how powerful you could have been, for I do not see that in you now. Please research Childhood Interpersonal Trauma, and try to understand why you refuse to know, and be known by, you husband, your half orange, your Chad. Try to figure that out before you enter into another relationship, for it is as I have said many times, that you have failed to put away childish beliefs and actions, and failed to really grow up.

I married a 37-yr-old woman, but I have been saddled with a 14-yr-old girl. I don't marry children, and I don't make love to children, as I'm not a pedophile. Do not project your normative Fr Fausto appetites on me, for I detest that you treat me as a children's-therapist punisher. Not every criminal is so fucked up as your father. Talk to Dr Mary Marrocco about your pattern of identifying those that love you most, with your kiddy-fucker father.

Isaac (Chad), Solutions Architect
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