Canvas re Lawfare

May 15, 2023
Medallion vs. Chad and Stacy

Introductory Overview, Defence Paragraph, and points to include in defence of allegations of breach of Rental Agreement/Lease..


Overreach of Federal and Provincial Government made living in Canada akin to living in North Korea.  When the rights of an individual are stripped,  crushing in its way even the rights of a tenant of which some come in part from the Canadian Bill of Rights, and the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, as well as common law.  

Since when in a Western civilization does Ontario Health Emergency Health Mandates create mandates to override laws-- laws meant to protect from overbearing illegal acts of government on its citizens.

The right to live freely in a Rental/Private Residence, free from harassment of medical hierarchy of unelected unlawful body, is fundamental.  The realm of Rental Residence should not be accessible to such bodies.    "  Mask, don't mask, stay at home, leave home, don't work, work, stand apart, don't talk to your family or neighbours, close stores, close crucial infrastructures of society, now don't, inject an [ unsafe, untested cocktail ], will cure, no will not cure but minimize symptoms, and will not minimize but give such symptoms" etc.  Such bombardment of contradictory and invasive harassment on the private lives of renters by government and  unquestionably pushed by Medallion is the discarding of fundamental rights of citizens in a rental property.  It is Medallion acting out of their realm as a Rental Property company.  

Public spaces in Rental units where turned into alienating spaces by Medallion. It alienated and attempted to strip natural rights of those renters who cannot wear masks due to disability and pre-existing conditions.  It pushed neighbours apart into 1. the hyper overly scared masses, and 2. those rational people asserting their rights as free citizens and tenants. These hyper overly scare masses where thusly exploited by the Health bodies in Canada.  Tenants were allowed to police such Medallion masking policy with a zeal for meanness and paranoia on unmasked tenants such as us.

Incidents of harassment by masked and 'vaccinated' rental neighbours onto the unmasked renters were not taken seriously by Security staff or Medallion.  Their refusal for months to post proper mask signage stating the exemptions,after the City of Toronto passed the mask bylaw, existed created a mask or die belief in the building.  This promoted a lie and created a  mass populace of misinformed.  They took months to correct their signage even after Chad informed them of their Incorrect Mask Signage.  Their letters continued promoting fear by telling tenants to not visit each other or talk to each other.   Another example of rude, aggressive behaviour by tenant onto my wife is that  my wife was refused entry into the elevator for months so much that she started not going out and fearing interactions with overtly aggressive maniacal scared tenants.  This affected her for she volunteered and had to cut back on her activities.  Refusal of service of riding an elevator by mask wearers upon unmasked lawful renters was becoming common decorum at Medallion rental buildings.

My Notes

  1. It made the cleaning staff also act in fear of unmasked users in elevators and hallways. The fear created amongst staff and tenants was enabled by Medallion and the Government of Ontario.  People feeling fear that they would be dying soon after talking with an unmasked person or sharing an elevator or giving basic rentals services was criminal and malicious in the part of Medallion and the Government of Ontario and Canada.
  2. I, Chad tried to enter the elevator that was occupied by a one cleaning member, as one tenant exited the elevator, I started to enter.  At the door the staff lady refused me entry and pressed the close button, to deny me access, I would have made it into the elevator if it hadn't been for her rudeness, she had taken a look at my face and closed the door to trap me by the door or and deny me entry. She uttered something like "no, you're not wearing a mask, no entry!" As she said this my leg and foot got brushed by the door, and I was put out of balance, and in pain I expelled grunts and perhaps a discernible curse ie" Fuck! "Frustrated I hit out at the door, but in no way was this meant for her.   This was not said to her but was voiced to myself as I was in emotional pain as I was about to fall of balance, but quickly regained my balance
  3. I have a balance problem suffer this since my car accident 20 years back. So you can see the possible danger in closing doors on people  as they are stretching out their leg to enter. This is antagonistic aggression by masked individuals on unsuspecting tenants has been going on since 2020 shortly after the mask policy was introduced in the building.


Look up Rental lease and Canadian Civil and Common Law and CCof RF as well to prove my points