Mr HILLIER TO Ms OROZCO and Ms FARKAS re Re: remove me from your sites!

  • On May 13, 2024, at 16:11EST, Ms Maritza Elizabeth Orozco wrote:
    • Look,
      You have to take down my correspondence with you, and yours to me,  why are you been so classless.  You will take down this garbage.  Thank-you

No Maritza, I am less worthy of your love and commitment than your father, so I don’t want you near my son or his sister. Canada is a Single Party Consent jurisdiction in regards to CommSec and/or publication of personal information pertaining to any alleged criminal occurrence. I will strive to keep as much stuff out of the public knowledge, but that might be an issue because of the foreplay Kelly needed to realize that I understand the game we play as well as she runs ‘em.

And I REALLY ENJOY the drift with this one.

You claim to know me Mar, but I told you.. that you don’t really understand me. We’ll resolve this as civil adults, but the timing for Kelly and Isaac might be a bit difficult to work with, because we have to think about how this is gonna work with Grace and Travis. Kelly has a pretty good skillset, and I appreciate how well she runs ops. But that’s a moot point, and it’s a confidential discussion for Kelly & Isaac to have at some point.

Things are still up in the air right now, because Anne is still coming to the realization that albeit we’ve collided, it’s been on course for at least 2-3 years… Anyway, I’m still unsure where I’m going to land with this, but I’ve already told Kelly that at first the Annulment needs to go through which will take like 4-5 months. In the interim, she’s just my business partner, essentially.

I’m not angry with you Mari, and I appreciated the 13-years. As for your stuff and items of property, we’ll keep it in storage where we’re going and I’ll just ship it to you or we can meet for a physical property transfer wherever you'll be. If you want, I’ll try to provide something similar to what my father did to his ex, which was a couple hundred a month just to pad things.

I dunno, but I do have a duty, even if we don’t have children. Anyways, g'nite and all. Respectfully,